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Effective self-defense and fighting system really is. And the best part is that they’re just as easy to learn, too. Way to hold your hand to cause maximum damage. World title holder at super middle (aba champion). But let's say that conservatively.

Street attack) – instantly reversing positions so you can easily overcome. A simple eye rake based on wing chun technology, followed. Falling too easily for them. Thousands of pounds (and even more dollars. A much more powerful version of the already. How to use krav maga hammer fists in conjunction with. What is left is freakishly dangerous and not for. Do not use excessive force, and only really use these moves when you are in a very, very serious situation. Here’s an important note from. Over the course of three days, russell unleashed and unraveled.

But there’s something else i want to stress as well…in short, do not mis-use these secret ‘magical’ moves. Best & most brutal gaia techniques where you'll have a quick and. No matter how big they are, how 'hard'. 2) and the second condition…on the street…if you do choose to use these magical moves…. How to use ‘fire and water’ techniques of chinese. For example, one of the keys to using kali is 'flow'. Your bonus 'secrets to power generation' dvd. Workbook that outlines russell's brand-new. Now, as mentioned earlier, russell's latest 'lair' is.

Ensure that everything he teaches is. On top of all this, we've convinced russell to put together a. That’s plenty of time, i think, for you to convince yourself. How to use aikido’s ‘tai sabaki’ to easily. You're at the top of the best of the best. That’s how highly-rated russell’s materials are. No worries if you don't think it's for you.

Order today, right now, to lock in this low price. Thrown out, and only the very best from each retained and built on. Is for life and death scenarios only. A ground-move which can literally take the calf muscle out of contention…be sure to practice this one. Parts, and added more ‘nastiness’ to them so they are devastating for the. Brutal and frankly devastating and 'shock-inducing' parts of the best of. 45 degree angle:  most strikes to pressure points are more effective when applied at a 45 degree angle rather than direct onto the target. Best chocolate icing known to man.

And he told us how great. Won't ever completely cover you. "real self defence, made real easy. Outlined and explained for you. In short, don’t be left out in the cold…don’t miss out on this low, low price and hate yourself later. Introducing the arts that he has been working with (and on) to bring you this. Instructional dvd's and his ability to teach this information. How can i say such a thing. And his other programs are amongst the most highly valued by.

I highly recommend that you get. It is interesting to understand the holding of a “christ-light” (the example, love and companionship of jesus held, as it were, like a candle) as a starting point for pilgrimage and servanthood. This is about more than one art. Oh yes - more about your guarantee. And then adding 'stutely' on top.

Summary for generating explosive power, which you can then easily apply to the. And that's exactly what this new gaia technology hands you. All we wanted were the magical moves that he has developed over the years. Even realises what’s happened, he’ll be on the floor and crying. I hope so, because you too can have this knowledge, this. Russell has produced over 40 martial arts. The legendary ‘fruit-machine’ magical move… a move which is almost impossible to escape and which have any attacker dropping to his knees. And it's the same story with most – all, in fact – martial.

Order today and get these ‘magical’ moves working for yourself. In just a week or so from now, you too can be putting to good. You'll get an addtional privately-printed, for gaia. It doesn't matter how strong you are. I’m not talking about learning how to do a karate chop, or ‘side-kick’ here. Ground-breaking 'mffs' (multiplied force fighting system) from way back in 2007. So you can see just why we so highly value what he comes out. With the pressure point and training breakthroughs required to proverbially 'get.

So they literally fell an attack with one simple. Two separate occasions (such is the respect people now give to him)…he’s the guy who’s endorsed by ex world-champion boxer herol graham…the guy who’s. And effectively 'brutalise' and make more effective and powerful. Customer of ours here at nap. You must agree to use these. Someone we've come to know and trust, and as a good customer (even.

What your experience level is (rank beginner or veteran –. Just hit the 'try it now' button at the bottom of this. 'quick-and-easy' reference guide by your side. See for yourself how much of a difference this is going to make in your own. How to destroy the hand of a knife attacker, so he’s. Is all easy to learn stuff. Make your aikido more effective.

Release the bowels of your opponent. Then make their 'worlds collide'.  i will be continuing my own training with him when i can (probably next year now due to other commitments). Because i have felt it. ‘bottle you’, you’ll use his own bottle to slash him to shreds, instantly. Power, these secrets that will put you in the top 0.

Self-protection systems which are more brutal than others. This guarantee is yours as a much-valued 'name' around. How to use an ‘energy drop’…witness the amazing demonstrations for yourself as attackers energy is ‘extracted’ out of them like sucking juice out of a carton. And that’s why i’m writing to you today…. Then unleashed onto this one, all-powerful system. Has this page been useful to you. Show anyone how to turn on so. Pressure points and ‘spiralling’ to cause the attacker’s arm to be shattered. Yourself up' with the most brutal and effective street methods known to man –.

Russell Stutely Training

First of all though, there has long since been a debate about whether or not pressure points work or not in real life, with arguments being made that:. The whole system, all bound. Gaia fighting technology from the 'main man', russell. Best pressure point teacher on the planet. Largest and most prestigious martial arts magazine. Sure - but read this and see. Consider lighting a candle to represent the “christ-light”, and of inviting people to hold hands as they sing.

Quick and actionable and 'no-fluff' summary of his best power generation methods. Now, please bear this in mind. Pressure points black, and many more besides. Whether it's the far east. For the first time ever, it takes the very best of all arts. Trained with the world’s top krav maga guys…even helped them with their. Next up russell turned his attention to. How do you try this for yourself. Training as quickly and easily as possible.  however, the aim of this post is to give a small insight into how russell teaches and the depth and breadth of his methods.

So what does this have to do with martial arts. They are - or what they know. You can either make something work, or you can't, and russell stutely will definitely help you to make pressure points work in your training. So, what’s the price.  i like learning practical application to the techniques in the kata, but i do prefer learning principles that you can take and apply to many of areas of your training (regardless of style).

You do not want to go too ‘hard’ with these moves on your training partner. Most thai fighters do wrong. Krav maga…the art of the israeli special forces (russell has. But this was deemed 'so important' that he flew. The ‘jellyfish’ maneuver…just be careful with this one since you don’t want to ‘over-hit’ your training partner and possibly really hurt them.

From the training gym of russell stutely –. Friend) of ours here at nap. Over the course of three days…. After writing a 10,000 word lesson plan and sending russell a detailed video, i finally passed and became a fully qualified. After that…russell took us though aspects of. But the guarantee is there if you need it). “russell’s material will blow.   however, russell does include some extra refinements to his waveform method, in particular the way the body weight is moved over the supporting front leg before initiating the hip movement on the reverse side. Russell does not believe in, or teach the usual pressure point nonsense that you may have seen on the web.

Herol graham - former 3 time british, european. On russell’s technique and systema methods. The power that russell has effectively unleashed for you. Picture this: take the world's foremost masters, of the. You get your full 8 dvd training dvd set. Searching for another 'art' is practically an obsolete, vain task – russell has. When they see you coming their way. Even asking half of that price.

To give you a practical example, let’s look at an art like. But again, russell took out the ‘sport’, took the most brutal. Trying to find, and studying the. And then add russell's own methods. And they are certainly not for ‘playing’ with…they are, in short, damn-near magical in their power. There are parts that russell can 'draw out'.

Russell ‘makes it over’ and im-proves it. Singing the faith plus has published another of richard’s songs, the 2011 christmas carol, heaven’s come so close tonight. Taking a great car, and 'tuning it up', adding more power to the engine, more. We take all the risk on this. Just send it back and. It will provide you with a quick and easy. Enables kali masters to move fluidly and quickly, like a ghost that an opponent. That’s far, far less than russell usually charges for information of this calibre…but, as a past customer of ours as well here at nap/ukfightlab.

 i have talked before about putting a whip like movement into your technique, which is to a large extent the same thing. Effective self-protection system known to man. Else you can possibly think of. You're not just at the 'top' of one single art –. 1) that, when ‘practicing’ these moves on a training partner (if you want to practice on someone - you don’t need to, you can simply practice on your own), that you.

So here’s exactly what you need to do now.  several of russell’s senior instructors were on hand to assist; all very knowledgeable, experienced and extremely helpful. Bob sykes 6th dan karate, editor of martial arts. This one is pure agony. Here's your unique opportunity to get the insider secrets from arguably one of the. How powerful this really is. Yes, the only and only russell stutely. As i mentioned before, i think only russell stutely could have. What it would cost you to spend a couple of days with russell, personally.

For yourself just what russell stutely has done now. You better drop everything you are doing right now. How a secret used in. Please share via the link bar on the left of your screen. We then quite literally 'let russell loose' as he frankly let. A word of warning here though…. Sure, we'd heard the 'odd' thing from russell, but invariably,.

The ocfm (open circle fighting method). Doesn’t matter how big he is. Knock a guy out from a block only; he will throw a haymaker, then wake up. For sure, these moves aren’t anything like what you’ll find in ‘conventional’ martial arts. Think it, breathe it, do it:  this is about putting the breath in the in the right place. First up…russell had been working with a kali master. If you get the chance to go on one of russell’s seminars then i can thoroughly recommend it. Adding russell 'on top' using his most effective and frankly 'hurt-inducing'. He has transformed my martial arts" ~.

I love this book as you can take. To be blunt, we have spent a fortune bringing this to you. A martial artist of russell's stature, background, knowledge and sheer. The most value out of it. First up as the primary module of your training program, you. If they even 'try' it with you. It 'takes the best' from each of the. Your assailant (ideal for door and security staff). We had many very tough training days, and homework which included intense study and. Russell’s power moves, will have your opponent’s.

For mai, combat, traditional karate and other magazines for nearly 12. Indeed the hymn is sometimes known as “the servant song” or “we are travellers on a journey”. He holds a 6th dan in. But by using a potent 'mixture' of all. Russell teaching pressure point knock out point. For the last two years or so, russell hasn't really developed. Master russell stutely is one of the most unique and forward thinking instructors out there. You see, russell is convinced that you need to see this stuff…to see that it’s really possible, to see for yourself how this may change the way you train forever. Take it very easy, and very gently.

Because you’re about to read something that may well. Pressure point master – russell stutely. You see, you need to cast aside your doubts for just a moment when reading this letter today. A month ago (10/11th june) i had the pleasure (and pain 🙂 ) of attending a russell stutely pressure point defensive tactics seminar, which i can thoroughly recommend. Person to bring you this latest gaia technology. Have to say that ii think you're much more likely to be bowled over by what you.

Strike, that will have him doubled-over in agony. You must agree to these two conditions here today, in order to order this 2-dvd set. That’s the beauty of these ‘magical’ moves that russell has designed just for you…anyone can use them to great effect - starting right now. Only beginning to imagine the brutality you.  if you take the wrist from top left to bottom right, the pain increases even more as you’re applying 2 sets of opposites (45 degrees).

How much would you pay for a 'lifetime of secrets' from. This is the next best thing to my higher-priced training dvds - in fact, in some ways. Well after a weekend training with russel stutely, a leading expert in the field of pressure point fighting, i feel that this opinion is well justified. Given the inspiration for this hymn (see below), it lends itself easily to use in a maundy thursday service, especially when an act of foot-washing is included.  if you take the wrist from left top to left bottom (opposite vertically), the pain increases. But would you want to use muay thai groundwork on the. Add russell stutely’s own super-powerful material. In short, russell effectively 'sucked up' only the very best,.

You'll be glad to know, too: we insist you check this out for. Effective techniques to conquer the street. Continued selling russell's slightly older (but still enormously valuable). So consider this your front-row seat to the party, so you too. With the bca (british combat association) run by peter consterdine and. Can unleash and power you're going to have.

Over the course of two cut-and-dried, easy to watch and easy-to-learn-from dvds, we got russell’s most potent ‘magical’ moves - those which will simply ‘shock and awe’ anyone which you use them on (not to mention on-lookers who see you use them. And so have many of our customers. Waveform:  how to generate very high levels of power. Frankly, too, he wants to get this material ’out there’ to the wider community too…so he’s cutting the price right down…and charging a.

Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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Russell Stutely Training
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