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You should know that the clickbank 30-day money back guarantee on these products only covers the initial purchase amount and not the price of the upsells. When you do eventually get access to the product, you find it’s something that wasn’t even worth buying. As we researched their platform before conducting our review in hopes of seeing anything new, too many red flags have been spotted that simply cant be ignored and we’ll expose them to the extent in our 2016 millionaire bot review. My final opinion of secret millionaire bot. This system is nothing more than a fake. The az millionaire method is that method.

Please try to understand, making money online is not as easy as you think it is. There is rally not much to say other than to stay away from it. If you have learned anything from all of my past reviews of these products, you’d know that it is always a bad idea to give these people your email address. Play over 16,000 amazing free games on kbh games. These developers didn’t even have the time to use a new domain as they are still using the exact same video and website as themillionairebot. By promoting products and services, you are actually doing what is known as affiliate marketing. That’s right, this bot will give you the chance to make a decent income from the comfort of your own home.  trading is not for everyone and carries a high degree of risk and requires a certain mindset and a good management plan to be successful. Focus on free resources to save money. I hope you take this red flag seriously before you decide to purchase this program.

The millionaire bot is a system that everyone should avoid. You have to get started with the “secret millionaire bot. The product inside it’s not worth your money and your time trying to figure it out. But you'll never accomplish any success as an affiliate marketer using this program. Have you wondered why the guy who speaks in the video doesn’t show his face.

A contestant who picked that panelist during the game won a bonus prize package if they correctly agreed or disagreed with the star. Step 8: go back to www. If time had run out with the contestants tied, one more question was asked to one celebrity. Then you will ask the question again, so you have a clear goal of the copies or publications you make on each page. The displayed couple portrayed above as happy individuals making thousands everyday with the millionaire bot system are among a handful of scripted actors providing false testimonies in promotions for questionable binary trading scams. But will you make the kind of money that they say you’re gonna make in a sales video. In her brown eyes, the world is neither black nor white but awash in many shades. Seeing testimonials from people claiming to have used a system and found success with it is always reassuring. Realizing or keeping the finest from acquire this program testimonials is surely a great pleasure to all who subscribe to us. Traders can cancel a trade even 5 minutes before it will expire.

Honestly, this is a big red flag for me because charles wants you to believe that you only need to shell out $37, but that’s not the case once you’re inside their program. 24option represents a major broker system that gives the opportunity to use various resources while trading. #1) the sales video and sales page are all full of . Just a little about me. The prize did not increase in value from one show to the next if it was not collected. It’ll truly multiply your results while working less. All those people featured in the sales video seem like actors.

It is actually possible to get these checks through simple strategies that you can implement by following what money map press advises however the term “federal rent checks” is just a made up term that is actually a marketing gimmick. Secret millionaire bot formulation question: what advice is everyone in frank kern first to earn high roi where jim baja’s son stephen pierce shared for ziglar jig ron god’s mercy to anthony robbins. Which leads me to believe that many of these programs have probably been created by the same person. Red flag #2 – they are selling an automated system. In this game, a randomly selected secret square is shown only to the home audience by the shot of the television camera. But for those who are inexperienced, they may not see that they are being led through a sales funnel that could cost them hundreds of dollars or more if they follow these steps. This will identify the correct products displayed to them. He continues with his 'schmeer' by letting you know that he and his friends keeping this secret tightly locked down, but now it's time to allow a limited number of others to profit from it.

It would be wrong for a trader to just sign up without knowing what needs to be done to make this kind of money. I bet you will need it when you discover the lies they have been telling you. If you're serious about learning how to really build a thriving affilaite marketing business i highly recommend you check out wealthy affiliate. Limonka under limonov's byline, the government accused limonov of planning to raise an army to invade kazakhstan. Is home income system a scam. But the training is so short and teh lady voicing the videos just glosses over everything that you're going to be left will a lot of questions on how to actually implement things. The upsell that comes with secret millionaire bots is very expensive and more expensive than most upsells - it costs $499. Jon is a software engineer and author. It’s a new clickbank product…yeah i know what you mean…another crap product…yes it is in my opinion. Secret millionaire bot red flags.

If i made just $100 a day i could live so comfortably and not have to go to my daily job. There will be expensive upsells after you pay the initial fee. Believe that if you break down, you will remove any restrictions before you reach your goals and dreams. I am guessing it has nothing to do with the so called secret society of millionaires. It is what i do from home and it provides a very flexible and enjoyable way to earn an income. This is all completely super easy guys, while you’re sleeping, eating, and spending time with family.

But that is not how things work. His highest voted answer has 8,985 useful votes. But at the same time it provides completely the wrong idea to newbies getting started. Chris explains to you that he will show you how you can funnel commissions to your bank account over and over again, without extra work. Lucky entry into a secret club” amongst an “. Before i proceed with the review, you may want to check my no. Secret millionaire bot red flags. The interesting bit about this video is that you will wait for the pat where they explain how this money is made in vain.  week 7: 11 minute video - case study of using instagram.

This is how the people behind this make their money. Isn’t this proof enough to say that this system is scripted. Secret millionaire bot affiliate important you think that a search would have been written to reach your page, and you are not the one you do not think so. The truth is that no business is ever as easy as just pushing a button and seeing money just flow into your account as smb tries to make you believe. Whether secret millionaire bot is a scam or not depends on you.

  no credit card required either. First of all congratulations for making an effort to search about the website you are willing to work on, as further the usage of internet over the web is a house for many scammers. The rest of the sales video is again all pure hype about what the “system” is. These are the people hired here to give the glowing testimonials for millionaire bot. Okay the point is that you can make a lot of money but you won’t do it with secret millionaire bot because it’s a total scam similar to others i’ve exposed recently like bank ramp and super affiliate secrets x. And the amount of needed time and work rely on different factors, and one of these factors is the model that is followed in order to make money with this secret millionaire bot system. Every step that is usually repeated in order to make money, has now become automated thanks to this awesome system, so says chris. The spokesman claims he’s going to show you how to become a millionaire within a year using a push-button software that can make you money on complete autopilot. It makes absolutely no sense that i’d have any use for any other system if the one i just bought was legitimate and lived up to its claims.

Secret millionaire bot login whether it’s a blog or content site, someone must report their comments and make some changes based on information. - warning some big red flags here. Last but not least, they try to get you to rush into purchasing this product by telling you that there are limited spots available. There are lots of people who started with no expertise or special skills and have still managed to achieved success. Maybe one of you reading this post will be the jon skeet of go, or the jon skeet of scala, or the jon skeet of swift. Author of it is truly a reputable coach with exceptional reliability it could permit you to excited, with out creating an energy.

I did a quick internet search of his name and sure enough his story checked out i saw his linkedin account as well as several small news stories about harvey’s rapid rise to success as an amazon affiliate. “do not i have a guide. The reason that this system has proved to be so lucrative for so many people is that it is entirely self explanatory and beginner-friendly. Easy account opening: opening a trading account here is easy as pie. Thanks for helpimg some newbie in affiliates marketing.

Why is it very important to know who is the real creator when the new project is released. Broker company – the recommended broker that you are asked to invest your money into. But of course it is all a lie. Other people may not consider it a scam because you get training for your money and you can also learn something. But when you buy the program, there is no bot that goes and finds lucrative money making opportunities (like there ever was one). I wouldn’t want to use that particular word but i will say that the sales page is very misleading and is full of lies.

Whether or not you will find amounts of scam, but secret millionaire bot is excellent to imagine and great to assist maintain. You can have a read on my #1 recommendation review to know more, the program has free trial and no credit card required. It doesn’t require diligent work, patience, and persistence. He has profit 24/7 while sleeping. So, is secret millionaire bot a scam. Federal rent checks is a term created to sell you into a subscription. Anyways, let’s get this review underway …. For the 1968 nbc prime-time series, the first two games are the secret square games.

Secret Millionaire Bot Review

This is just another binary options trading software where you were promised to generate a lot of money online. So this fully automated software that uses a bot to trawl the net and find products and services that you can promote is. It did not take too much money with all the free plans available. But you’re only signing up for a webinar to get you to join john crestani’s system–which is not free, by the way. This is not worth the $47 that you were ready to pay. I was excited about anthony morrison talking for about 45 minutes. Nobody will give cash making a bot in light of the fact that there are not cash making bots. The secret millionaire training website is a website that claims to provide you with exactly that, “secret” training on how you can become an online millionaire. Do you think that thousands of people are going to make bucks.

If all of the bad keys were eliminated due to a combination of return trips and correct answers, he/she automatically won the prize. Hence, it’s been clearly declared that this is a fake website which sends spam emails and even uses fake testimonials to attract you to work with software. There’s a very very small chance that you’ll make a few thousand within your first few days, hell it’s even unlikely that you’ll make it within your first few months. (thousands in a single day multiple times). Upsell 3 -$497 done for you traffic.

We decide the sturdiness of item according to users suggestions ratings, typical customers expertise scores and clients refund charge. So you have to ask yourself, “does this make sense. Apparently, he has a secret source inside google and this source told him hold google has dropped the ball and has exposed a huge untapped source of free traffic. What is secret millionaire bot. If you learn from an expert, you have better chances to get good results than learning from random guys with a program. Our website is experienced and professional reviews and we’ve got acquired all sided critiques on secretmillionairebot. How does secret millionaire works. Hollywood squares rights owner filmways, nbc decided to attempt a revival of the series. When my life circumstances changed suddenly, i needed to stay at home and look after my toddler twins, but also had to find a way to earn online.

Is secret millionaire bot a scam. Reliable auto traders & signal services. There might well be some useful training on the inside that will help you in the online business world if you go onto apply it in the future to other ventures. Its main purpose is to share information. Next you will see that apparently there are 1294 people in the queue waiting for access. Red flag #5 – they are using fake testimonials.   don’t expect to make money right out the gate. If you’ve ever tried to get started on amazon, no doubt it took you days if not weeks of messing about with various settings and complications before you got the ball rolling or maybe you even gave up completely.

If you go to the disclaimer section in the bottom of the sales page of the secret millionaire bot program, you will find that the text mentions the name of another program instead of using the name of the secret millionaire bot program. Below this, there is a contact support button where you can reach secret millionaire bot and their affiliates for either billing, upgrades, or technical support. Also… how would it be a secret like they claim if it’s really been featured on those outlets. That’s why people like me are on the internet exposing the fat lies that charles and products like smb sell. -money back guarantee is the norm for clickbank products, so nothing special about it. The “free” website is also actually not free. It provides a human touch to write the article. Download the millionaire bot software free – if owning your own blog is a bit too time consuming, but you would still like to write and earn money, thing about creating articles for existing blogs. However, it’s not a real name.

Video 8 – growing your following on instagram. For 20 years, i worked the graveyard shift as a security guard. The research points to younger consumers liking the personal touch of the bot more than getting an email. This step-by-step video training takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how. So, if you start a new network marketing activity, you have to know your knowledge. Not even a single wife or girlfriend, that’s how tightly guarded this secret has been. It is based on the best trading practices in binary options and all the promises and claims made by this program are achievable as witnessed by the thousands of trader who are making their handsome profits every day on the platform. And they all promise you to make money with a few clicks of a button or on autopilot thanks to some software, secret loophole, bla bla bla.

And now i still use (11) secret millionaire bot routinely and it’s a kind of dependency however in a great way. If you are really interested to make income online. If you go to the bottom of the page you will see in the small print that it states that the person in the video is using a pen name. It's a fantastic way to make a living. Just simply click the button below, you can buy your secret millionaire bot and order as being a discount value following the payment and also assert your bonuses. You can’t trust someone based on a few screenshots.

Here's better course for you. Secret millionaire bot apparently lets us into an "elite society of underground millionaires. In a nutshell , secret millionaire bot is a video guide about instagram marketing. Week four: this is a 1 1/2 minute video showing how to create your business instagram account. Some of america's most successful self-made millionaires are embarking on a truly incredible journey. A legit training course would have plenty of real students to show off and give real testimonials. Welcome to my secret millionaire bot review. For the first season of this. How to use your brain 100 percent just in days. Well, calling it a bot conjures up a picture of a clever software that will do most of the work for you.

This information we gathered represents and alarming level of evidence that is so disturbing that we can only conclude that this ‘so-called’ millionaire bot , as hosted on . Secret millionaire bot review – $2,479/day scam. Is secret millionaire bot a scam. The honest truth is there’s a very small handful of companies out there who can really help you make money and out of the 500+ i have reviewed i only actually recommend a couple of them. But it is not the sort of thing where you can click a few buttons and are suddenly generating a ton of cash. The training is laid out into 8 weeks. Secret millionaire bot review – if you have never used the.

If you want to make a million dollars in a couple of months, the company is a millionaire secret to you or dueñoshad, he says. There are paid actors in there, i didn’t have to go find them on fiverr for either’s i’ve seen these actors in other clickbank products. In fact, charles is leading you to believe that his secret bot will answer all your financial needs, and you’re not even required to have skills and experience in affiliate marketing since success will depend on his so-called secret millionaire bot. In this fast changing world, it’s important to learn from training that it’s updated because that’s one of the ways you can make sure you are building your business the proper way. It is always wise to be careful when it comes to trading binary options.

” you probably have in other binary options systems making the same pitch but in different words and locations. If you watch this short five-minute presentation until the end, i’m going to show you exactly how i’ve used the secret millionaire bot to make a hands-free income from the internet. It ticked down to zero then restarted at 30 minutes. Another student with 2,800 dollars in free complete profit in their first month using the training. Or will you get on the right way to build your affiliate biz today. The income disclaimer says it all.

The spokesperson starts off by enthusiastically congratulating you on being one of the lucky few to be allowed entry into an “elite society” of underground online millionaires that manages to consistently earn huge profits from the internet on a daily basis. I hope this secret millionaire bot review helped you make an informed decision about this product. If you want to contribute to this article please leave your questions and comments below now. 1 of the reasons i set up this blog was to expose scams and give people realistic expectations. When you register for the john crestani workshop, the makers of this product make money through affiliate commissions.

The payment for these products is made directly to the sponsor who referred to the system. I will show you below why you should protect your money from the likes of the fake “charles allen” and the paid actors in the testimonials. Residing in local housing on welfare-level wages, these ""secret millionaires"" will try to find the most deserving people within the community. Is bank ramp a scam. Once you have made the payment, they try to convince you to spend more money by telling you that you will accelerate or increase your profits if you purchase the other products. Allen is pretty funny too, i have to give him that much. Well, i will leave that one to you. Affiliate marketing soon and remain a cheerful contended people. This is an mmo program that i reviewed in february and. And then in the final upsell they say they are only offering this to 50 people and it's gone.

Joining secret millionaire bot is just $37, but that’s just the entrance fee to their membership page, and once you become a member of their program, you’ll soon find out that there will be upsells waiting for you there. If you want to make money online without involving high risk and make steady passive income, i would suggest you to learn about building home based business. The same banner is there just the date has changed. Unfortunately sites like this are very common online. Really fast both in putting in and responding time. By limonov's own account, he began writing "very bad" poetry at the age of thirteen and soon after became involved in theft and petty crime as an adolescent hooligan. Conclusion to my secret millionaire bot review.

It is a “done for you” system for generating consistent and realistic commissions on the internet. It is also important to pick the right broker and account type for your current skill. "the secret millionaire bot has been created and refined by myself and a group of my friends who are digital marketers, programmers and statisticians from a number of top firms around the world. On october 1, 1999, the first game of the show took the entire episode to complete. To be honest with you, most of the people who get sucked into “tmb” are those who thought this system is really free. But, if you scroll down their website you will reach the income disclaimer & this is where you’ll find out it’s not all as great as what they make it seem. On the other hand we do not totally call it a scam site because you will get some basic and generic training about affiliate marketing but we do not recommend secret millionaire bot because it is not worth your time. The people over there range from 18 to 8o years of age and are based all around the world.

I think this is a clear evidence that this secret millionaire bot system doesn’t work as they promise, and this is why you shouldn’t join them. Beginning approximately two months into season four and continuing until the end of that season in june 2002,. Clearly, this is once again only meant to get you to make a quick decision. However, you must be willing to put some effort. One of these signs is when things don’t make sense. However, a get-rich-quick scheme doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to earn millions overnight. This particular system was launched in 2015 and then has surfaced again over the course of the last few years.

Lots of red flags ( possible scam). Incredulous income claims over $200k within 2 months. The sales page literally gives you no clear indication as to what you’ll be getting within the members area. Although he had been skeptical at first, he is glad he made the decision to use the bot, and he encourages potential users to sign up as soon as possible.

Secret Millionaire Bot

Jamie make it sound like it is very easy to make money with his system, but the truth is, it is not. I do not know how much they cost but from the page for the affiliate marketers of the program, we can estimate that the total cost of the product can be almost $900. The party is part of garry kasparov's united civil front. Secret millionaire bot withdrawal problem friends, family, and health, to name a few. He describes it as a software that is allowing normal people to make incredible online profits. Is secret millionaire bot a scam.

[20] following this experience, he wrote a drama on the russian penitentiary world, "death in the police van". Just look at this eighty seven thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars and twelve cents, ninety thousand two hundred and thirty seven dollars and eleven cents, ninety one thousand and eight dollars and seventeen cents. You don't get that inside secret millionaire bot - not even close. What’s your take on secret millionaire bot, or do you have any questions. The impact of jon’s answers reach far beyond just getting an answer for the initial programmer who asked a question.

It has helped you create high quality and valuable information, training, documents, and articles and a community base that helps your business. The thing is that if you hit this button & hand over your credit card details then as mentioned above what you’ll actually be buying into is an opportunity named jeff’s 6 figure business system. After taking a closer look at secret millionaire bot and based on my experience reviewing almost 500+ systems just like this, i have to say that i believe secret millionaire bot to be a scam. The real creator is hiding. It has a high ratio of successful trades.

Another field comes after that where you have to fill your email address, just in case you decided to skip the first one as i did. I’m sure, i have your attention now, so the next thing you must be asking yourself is how can i get access to the secret millionaire bot. It is a new auto trading software based on the secret trick using which you can easily make around $10000 in just one day. Elite society of online millionaires“. Saying this is a secret system. She did not make money by testing any products but creates these spokesperson videos. Ask what they say and benefit from wanting to know how to succeed. While i found, i recognized it had been ultimately a smart option an amazing scam get pleasure from people today. Also in 1974, event records released a compilation album entitled.

I bought his $ 20 book and started reading it. Week 5:  11 minute video - 5 ways to make money on instagram. Before answering your questions, congratulations on taking the time to do your own research before getting into another business opportunity. Each episode of secret millionaire follows one of america's most successful business people for a week as they leave the comforts of home behind. Conservative in nature, he balances his emotions with a practical and well thought out approach to life.

The prize structure was as follows:. This will not take you a lot of time and can pay great benefits in the long run. Also, in the members area it's the same vip members workshop webinar pitch to the same webinar being held by john crestani. Ok, if you scroll down on the sales page and you'll notice that the disclaimer does not mention secret millionaire bot but it mentions a different program called easy insta profits. The developer of the program has used a money-back guarantee for 2 complete months; so if you’re not pleased with the results, you can definitely get your cash refunded within this time. For the final season, the car round was changed.

I just knew i had seen this “format” before, and i looked up my old articles and found this:. This method legitimate will take enjoyment within an great good track record currently out there. Funnel x roi system review summary. These testimonials herald more hype on the worthiness millionaire bot. Don’t trust any training that doesn’t give you that basic information. You can see that it says that we only have limited time to access the bot. With a plan, they can decide the results. I mean, secret millionaire bot even let’s you check out their platform for without having to even give them any payment information. In my opinion, secret millionaire bot is not a total scam because it’s a product sold through clickbank, which means that you can get a refund if you buy it but end up not liking it. Hollywood squares format from orion pictures corporation as that company was going through its bankruptcy phase.

Ellen degeneres, alec baldwin, and simon cowell were among those who played center square as was peter marshall, who appeared during a special theme week in 2002. But how just between you and me she would keep the secret. If not won, the prize offered in the first round carried over to the second round, with a second prize added. Because of this, he and his associates have remained tight-lipped about the product. I would like to start by saying congratulations. Secret millionaire bot review - cons. Background information is always one of the things i look for first when reviewing an mlm opportunity, and in the case of secret millionaire bot, there’s nothing at all to see.

Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely possible to make good money online, i even make my living online. I have built this site in the hope it will help you bypass all the b. The millionaire bot’s pitch highlight fake bank account snapshots of villas and luxury fast cars just to make you belief that this system is legit. For the fact that notorious sites endorsed millionaire bot app system, it will always stand out as a scam proof. Every year, i do this activity when teaching narrative plot. In my opinion, you shouldn’t put all your hopes in a bot because it will not teach you the required skills you need to become a successful affiliate marketer in the long run. You get very low quality youtube videos and the audio quality is terrible.

It can be a disaster or worse, i call it “financial suicide”. It’s another proof that the program is a scam. If millionaire bot had posted some organic testimonials from real traders, they could be at least one degree believable. You should be fruitful if you are strong, by focusing your skills and efforts in the right place and you have to endure them. There are many similar sources, systems, and leaders.   just chose one, follow the steps and you will be up and running within minutes. Jamie recommends these videos for newbies who are just getting started. -this one here is true, you can definitely make money with amazon. For others, calling the secret millionaire bot a scam or not depends on how everyone defines a scam. This is a brand new product launched from clickbank.

As you can see, this “new secret method” is just a rehash of an older product. Welcome to our secret millionaire bot review. This is because there are a lot of problems with it regarding its honesty in the sales page and a bunch of other red flags as well such as overhype and what not which i’ll mention below. The video testimonials are not from users of the product but recorded by fiverr. The social proof that they show below that, which supposedly comes from facebook and twitter, ya, that is also fake…. Before we get started, be sure to take a look at the page below for our current #1 recommendation for generating an income online. Secret millionaire bot software has been added to the clickbank marketplace. I also reviewed this product not too long ago (.

“china’s dirty little secret is out. Yes, i could get my money back but i would still be wasting my time, and time is not possible to get back. Scammy marketing–the marketing tactics used are the same techniques that i found in other very poor and scam type programs.  graph the level of “excitement” for each section of the plot. Secret millionaire bot does it work they switch from one program to another to find something that works. Today i’ll be providing a short review because i really don’t think it benefits any of us greatly from you spend too much time on this product. A close look at them brings up the question, “haven’t i seen these characters before. The whole article/video is in fact very persuasive and it’s full of fake reviews saying how people have made all this money. They also tell you that everything is hosted on their server so it didn’t surprise me that they chose an offer that they believe is lucrative – maybe for them (as they will earn a huge commission when you market it).

In today’s latest review, i’m talking about a company you may or may not have heard of before — secret millionaire bot. When i got access to the members area, the first thing you see is 4 steps to take to start the program:. The sales video shows some testimonials of incredible success stories. The bot should locate the best cash-making openings and add duplicates to your record. The best part about the secret millionaire bot is that don’t need a list, a product, or any prior experience to make money, and show you the simple steps to get big results extremely quickly inside.  we also advice testing new strategies on a free demo account before going live. But every ethical and honest online marketer will tell you that the real secret ingredient to making money online, is to work and work hard. Secret millionaire bot is a clickbank product created by charles allen that promises to help you earn huge amounts of money using an automated bot online with little effort on your part.

What are federal rent checks. Step 9: as a class, choose a symbol that represents the book. This module walks you through how to use the bot for instagram, taking people to your lead capture page, and consequently your affiliate website, and then earning a commission. And the best part is that you can be up and running in under thirty minutes and making money the very same day. To make things worse, there is no guarantee that the proclamation will be useful. Another says he's been using the bot for a little over three months and he's already made almost $350k. They read, changed, study, and changed all the changes from a program. You will be surprised by the number of people who encourage an e-book or program that does not have money. It takes dedication, patience and work. Comwhich   is a great choice not only for its state of the spot option style trading platform but also for the free educational content it provides to all existing and new traders.

I would say the pros of the secret millionaire is that, it’s low cost, money-back guarantee. Please look around my website and see what binary today has to offer because we a very talented traders here that are constantly looking for new ways to improve and help others get to that next level. Even though the sales video for this product is super long, they never give you any real information. “hosted on their server” only means that the product is hosted on clickbank. My biggest month has been $7k. Looking at home income system it has all the warning signs of a scam and has not impressed me at all. Too many traders have fallen for scrupulous scams before like the millionaire bot scam without understanding their hidden facts. Pretty depressing so far right. Do not engage in such practices and do not participate in blogs, social networks, and conversations or discussions. You are able to possibly get started doing buying and selling using the millionaire bot or even improve on which you’ve currently carried out.

How to make money online the legit way. Saying you can make money starting today. Then “charles allen”, says that this system has been created and refined by himself, digital marketers, programmers, and statisticians from top firms around the world. This completely is certainly not a hoaxes. Because this product is in the clickbank affiliate network each vendor has to provide a 60-day money back guarantee. This is being sold on clickbank so this will be around for a fair while.

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